Unique Event Venues & Sustainable Development Shelters

E.G. Sound & Lighting can offer you a wide array of geodesic domes for your event productions, eco shelters, sustainable development, living studios, disaster relief, trade shows, event venues, musical festival domes, seminars and VIP accommodations.

Not only are domes exceptionally versatile and alluring, they offer unsurpassed flexibility and durability to suit your needs. You will love the timeless aesthetics and intriguing geometry, the feel of the natural richness experienced under the canopy of a geodome. Spacious and stunning, geodesic canopies offer an experience that fills people with creativity and inspiration.

Geodesic domes are sustainable, which is about responsibly managing resources. Geodesic shelters have been called the most efficient structural design ever conceived because they “do more with less” — less materials and less waste. The potential is unlimited. Host an amazing event that creates an unforgettable impression. Transform your resort into an eco friendly paradise or simply live a sweet life in a beautiful alternative home.

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